Hello Beloved Online Customers:  We are very busy building a huge new shop, kitchen and production facility right here on the Farm. This has been taking up most of our time, so we don’t have the ability to fill a lot of online orders right now, but we would be delighted to fill one for you!  (since you took the time to ask…)?

Email us at oregonbeestore@gmail.com and tell us what you need, (honey or beeswax candles; we do not ship bee equipment) with your zip code, and we will package them up and send you a bill through Paypal. We can also call you for Credit Card information.

Or, if you are in, or planning to visit Southern Oregon, why not just come into the Store?  We are open 10-6, Tuesday through Saturday.

We hope to open online and be back to normal…soon.  Thanks all, for being so patient.

For updates on what we are up to, check us out on Instagram and Facebook, @OregonBeeStore.

As ever, we appreciate you so much.

Mike and Angelika Curtis and our entire Family and Staff.

You may also find our products at these retail locations.