What a great idea! This lovely lotus flower holder is made of pure white charcoal-filtered beeswax and is reusable! It measures 4″ in diameter and 2″ tall, and comes with two tealights to get you started. The color varies in this wax a bit, from a soft white to almost ivory.

Simply replace the inner tealights as they burn down. The tealight cups are plastic so they will not cause the holder to melt. Each tealight lasts for at least 5 hours. If you would like extra tealights, check the Votives/Tealights section or type “tealights” in the search box above.

NOTE: The bleaching method to obtain our White Beeswax is NOT chemical, but it is a PHYSICAL method. The natural beeswax is warmed up to 100 °C and melted. Decoloration earth and coal (carbon) are added then it is filtered through a < 5 micron filter for a few times to obtain the total elimination of the coal particles. The end result is a nice white product that is still pure and chemical-free.

Burn tea light candles in one session.
Ideally it’s best to burn beeswax tealight candles in one lighting, although in our tests one relighting will work. Repeatedly extinguishing and relighting tealights is not recommended.white-lotus-holder