Many people love the look, feel and wonderful fragrance of beeswax but may or may not use candles…what else could we fashion out of this lovely material, the gift of the industrious honeybee?

Enter this hand-sculpted trinket or treasure box. Lovingly molded out of the same beeswax as our candles, this heart-shaped box with lid measures 3 1/2″ x 4″ by 3″ tall including lid. A precious winged cherub adorns the lid. This is not a candle, just so we’re clear… (I have LOTS of those in my shop, though!)

So what could you use this for? A jewelry, treasure or keepsake box, use it as creative wrapping for a small present, Give it to your Valentine to let him or her know how special they are to you. Or buy it for yourself, you deserve it!

Wax is surprisingly durable and will last a long time. Yes, the box might break if you drop it on the hard floor, but so would most other materials.