I might be a little strange, but I love snails. My mother and grandmother were from Germany, and they both called me “Schneckchen” when I was very small – that means “little snail” in German. I can’t bear to kill the darn things in my garden, so I “relocate” them. I know they come right back, but oh, well.

Now if you’re like me and love escargots, here’s a pair for you in candle form. These little guys (actually snails are hermaphroditic, so they’re not boy/girl, but I digress) measures approximately 3 inches long by 1 inch wide and 2 inches tall at the shell. These are small and therefore you’ll get about 2-3 hours of burn time out of each but that’s enough for storytime,  celebration, garden club meeting, or…

Smells wonderful in Pure Oregon beeswax and non-toxic to burn with an all-cotton wick.  Since the shell is not symmetrically round on the top, this candle will drip while burning, so please use a suitable dish or holder to protect your surfaces. You get two for the listed price.