You know it’s Spring in Oregon when the mushroom hunters start their quests for the elusive Morel Mushrooms. It’s a cult-like following these fungi have; I can’t say I understand the appeal of “Klingon mushrooms,” but foragers brave it all: mud, ticks and rain. Emerging from the woods with a big bag of mushrooms is braggin’ rights around here!

These candles are true replicas of the real thing, from the asymmetrical base to the craggy top. 3″ tall and fitted, like all my candles, with an all-cotton wick for fragrant and non-toxic light. As they are tiny, the burn time is limited – about 3 hours or so, but that will get you through a nice evening. Beeswax candlelight? Magical!! This listing is for FOUR tiny morels.4 tiny morels 24 tiny morels 1