One of the deities most frequently seen on altars in China’s temples is Quan Yin. Regarded by the Chinese as the goddess of mercy, she chose to remain on earth to bring relief to the suffering rather than enjoy for herself the ecstasies of Nirvana. While standing before the gates of Paradise she heard a cry of anguish from the earth below. Turning back to earth, she renounced her reward of bliss eternal but in its place found immortality in the hearts of the suffering. She has been compared to the Virgin Mary.

This beautifully detailed altar candle measures 2 3/4″ by 3 1/4″ at the base by 6″ tall. As it is an irregular figure it will drip and be deformed by burning, although if you do so be sure to place her on a dish or candle holder to protect your table.

Pure golden Beeswax dyed a vibrant RED using low impact dyes and 100% cotton wick. Of all the materials an altar candle may be made of, beeswax has the highest vibration. Enjoy!red quan yin 2