Amazing in White!

This is a really big candle, measuring 7 inches long, 4″ wide and 5″ long, and weighing well over 2 pounds!

Lots of burn time in this one… and not just for Halloween. For your favorite Goth fan, or just to contemplate the fragility of life. Guys love these and absolutely go nuts for them at all the shows we do… so if you are looking for a gift for a dude, there’s a hint for ya… 😉

Embellished with seed pearl texture. Smells fantastic in pure beeswax and all cotton wick.

The color varies in this wax a bit, from a soft white to almost ivory.  The bleaching method to obtain our White Beeswax is NOT chemical, but it is a PHYSICAL method. The natural beeswax is warmed up to 100 °C and melted. Decoloration earth and coal (carbon) are added then it is filtered through a < 5 micron filter for a few times to obtain the total elimination of the coal particles. The end result is a nice white product that is still pure and chemical-free.white pearl skull 2